Thursday, August 26, 2004

On Monday 9th August I called in at the regional Business Centre in Havant to ask about South East Hampshire Enterprise Agency (SEHEA) Personnel who worked at the Havant branch. In the process I met Jo Horan who made the appointments. She asked if I wanted to arrange to see anyone but I said I needed to write to Glen Atherfold and Eddie Tuttle at the Small Business Service, Guildford, first.

The rest of the week turned out to be quite hectic, plus the weekend traveling to see my wife’s father in Clacton and then traveling back to see my mother in Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Added to that was a message from my brother on my mobile ‘phone on the way to Stoke Mandeville, that made me wonder what was happening but which did not turn out to be quite what I expected. There were a few other complications on the way, plus a stopover at my brother’s house in Chinnor on the way home.

I had to go back to Chinnor on Monday and Stoke Mandeville the following morning, to see Dr Durkin at the Hospital, along with my brother and sister-in-law. For a number of reasons I asked Lorelei and Cathy (my discarnate Soulmate/fellow healer and Guardian Angel, respectively) to accompany me on the journey, which they did, Lorelei in the front of the car and Cathy in the back. (There are more details about Lorelei and Cathy on my Website: A non-Google search for “Richard King, Healer” or “Lorelei, Legend” will also find it.) I arrived back in Havant during Tuesday afternoon and was in plenty of time to attend the Healer’s Group at the Bear Hotel, Havant, in the evening.

On Thursday 12th August I wrote to Lucille Pendry (of Tailor made Services), the new President of Portsmouth and South east Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, offering to contribute more to the Chamber and, therefore, the region. At present, the Chamber is my only local route to making a contribution to the area which I live; not the most encouraging state of affairs for people contemplating developing their business in this part of the South of England.

On Friday 13th August I had experimented with Windseek, a new Search Engine I had heard about through one of the regular Internet related newsletters that brought up this Web Log with the relevant search terms. So, maybe, more people will read this, even in advance of my other Web Sites, with their links, going up.

The weekend of 21st/22nd August, involved me in another journey to Chinnor and Stoke Mandeville. As my brother and his wife were going out on the Saturday afternoon and evening, he was visiting my mother in the morning so I decided to go with him, breaking my journey at Chinnor, rather than a two hundred and fifty mile round trip to Stoke Mandeville on my own. That morning, apart from whatever else I picked up with my non-physical senses I was told something else at the Hospital that I partly understood but was not able to confirm it until back at my brother’s house and able to borrow a dictionary to look up, check, the meanings of essence and quintessence.

There were a few other things I was not sure fitted in terms of what I had sensed physically and non-physically over the previous days and, to some extent, weeks. However, a fairly detailed conversation with my healer colleagues on Tuesday 24th August resolved all of that with ease. In effect, that helped me to resolve the anomalies, which were only apparent anyway, and increased my understanding in the process.

There has been so much going on in the non-physical, as well as the physical, sense lately that it sometimes becomes confusing when I refer to “the Girls” in conversation with my wife, Jo. I often have to qualify whether I am referring to Judy, Lene, Doreen and Sheila (my physical Healer colleagues) or Lorelei and Cathy, who, are, of course, non-physical.

Unfortunately, it was several days before I managed to send an overdue E-mail to Glen Atherfold and Eddie Tuttle of the Small Business Service. I wished to follow up the suggestion of Mark Torokwa, of Hampshire County Council, and obtain assistance from South East Hampshire Enterprise Agency to write a business plan for my esoteric side. That I have now managed to do so, hopefully, there will be some progress on that front.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

During the month of May I had conversations with Reverend David Gibbons and Sandra Haggan of St Faith’s Church, Havant. Over the years the Church has come to mean quite a lot to me. Quite apart from which, that is where I met Jeanne D’Arc. Towards the end of the one I had with Reverend Gibbons I found I was feeling quite emotional at times. I seemed to more that way recently but it was mostly the recollection of those marvelous experiences. After all, how often do you meet a discarnate Saint let alone, as happened a few weeks later, have her sitting next to you while your auras expand and blend together.

I was not sure if it was because I was becoming more connected with Real Reality, the non-physical, which I have noticed more and more in recent weeks, especially when we were on holiday at the end of may.

I had known for some time that the Church was in need of funds to restoration and, had circumstances be different; I would have been able to contribute fairly substantially to that.

The latter part of June brought the end of term at Chichester College, where I lecture on Engineering Materials for an “A” Level Course as well as contributing to the provision of additional support for students, especially in engineering and higher mathematics. Unfortunately, the month did not end in the best way with my Mother becoming critically ill and having to go into Stoke Mandeville Hospital. That necessitated Jo and I rushing to Chinnor, in Oxfordshire, she had been staying with my brother and sister-in-law in the early hours of a Tuesday morning and then on to the hospital, as well as visiting on weekends since then.

There were compensations, though minor in comparison, in that in among all of the emotion I had some pleasant, occasionally humorous experiences over the weeks. Those included a conversation with my (late) Father, Cathy (my Guardian Angel) assisting my Mother at one stage, a short spell in Stoke Mandeville Hospital Chapel with Lorelei and meeting the person in charge of the team looking after my mother on “the other side”, Upstairs. He was short and stocky with receding white hair and white mutton chop whiskers on the side of his face, white shirt, dark tie with a slight diagonal strip, dark waistcoat, trousers and shoes with an unbuttoned white coat over those. He had been a Doctor in his most recent lifetime and a priest in a life before that, though not immediately before as I understand it.

Lorelei had been visiting my Mother frequently over the weeks including going to Stoke Mandeville between us providing healing for a couple of people at the healers Group one week. Being discarnate does wonders for covering such distances very quickly, more or less instantaneously. On a recent Tuesday (20th July) she dropped into the car beside me while I was on my way to our regular Healers’ Group meeting at the Bear Hotel in Havant, to assure me that my Mother was not suffering, not in any distress. From my conversation with the Upstairs Doctor the following Saturday (24th July) that was also clearly the situation from his point of view as well.

There were some potentially interesting physical world developments on Friday 23rd July, when I attended a Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Breakfast at the Lysses House Hotel in Fareham. The first person I spoke to, apart from Maureen Frost, the new Chief Executive of the Chamber, was Tracy Culross of The Holiday Inn, Portsmouth. I had first met Tracy at a previous Chamber Event, the Annual General Meeting, at the Kings Theatre in Southsea. We both remembered that meeting and I pointed out that, along with Lene Foot, one of my Healer colleagues, I would be involved in a presentation on coping with stress at The Holiday Inn Hotel later in the year.

The event began with a presentation by Simon Richards of Conference Hampshire, he being accompanied by Frances Stokes who used to be more involved with defence related business; both working for Hampshire County Council. The main purpose of the meeting was to say goodbye to Bob Gumbrill, the retiring Chief Executive of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber. Many people were sad to see him leaving as he had done an excellent job during his time in charge. I owed him a great deal as I would be effectively isolated in the region if it was not for Bob and the Chamber.

During his farewell address Bob mentioned Michael, sitting at his table. That turned out to be Michael Johnston, Chief Executive, Portsmouth Printing and Publishing Limited, publishers of The News (Portsmouth) among other things. After the main part of the event, I took the chance speak to him about my tourism related business interests and Lucille Pendry, the new President of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also became involved for a while. The outcome was that Michael suggested I contact Daniel Bardsley, the Business Editor of “The News” he also mentioned the Havant Reporters Office, suggesting I might get in touch with them as well. In any event, he strongly recommended that I contact Daniel Bardsley. Because of other commitments that will take me a few days to get around to but, one way or another I will. After all, “The News” should support and encourage an influx of business to the region, especially when it is on the scale that this would be.

Lucille Pendry suggested I might write an article for the Journal by which she meant the Chamber Journal. I pointed out that I joined the Chamber under my engineering side and involvement in composite materials. Lucille said that, as a Member of the Chamber I could write for the Journal anyway. When I mentioned this to Maureen Frost, Chief Executive of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, just before I left, she seemed to be less sure, though that was mainly down to my interpretation of her resulting expression. The Chamber was doing its best to be helpful and friendly, as it usually was; how that turns out we will have to wait and see.

On Tuesday 27th July I had a meeting, in Winchester, with Mark Torokwa of the Economic Development Department of Hampshire County Council. We had spoken on the ‘phone three weeks or so previously and exchanged letters in the meantime.

Mark listened patiently as I told him about my engineering background and then the outline of my nonphysical side, particularly the story of Lorelei and I. he agreed on the commercial potential and advised me to write a business plan as Sussex Enterprise had advised me to do. The conversation helped my thinking in that I realised that what I needed to do was put the arguments I had gone over verbally and in e-mails and letters many time in a compact coherent form and call it a business plan, which, essentially, is what it would be.

Mark Torokwa, at the very least, agreed with Sussex Enterprise positive assessment and said he was sure I would get past the present situation or words to that effect. (In fact I had avoided going into any detail about the negative things that had happened, preferring to go around them or bypass them as far as possible.) He seemed certain that when our story got out there were people who would really “run with it”; no doubt that it was very commercial and very likely to be of considerable interest.

In any event the meeting with Mark Torokwa was very encouraging. As far as the business plan was concerned he said I could get free help from South east Hampshire Enterprise Agency (SEHEA). Several months previously, John Stainer of SEHEA had indicated that they could help. There was just the problem of Business Link Wessex, though John thought I was taking the correct course by writing to Martin Wynn Griffiths, the Chief Executive of the Small Business Service (SBS) for help. So, I would have to write to Glen Atherfold, of SBS Guildford, with a copy to Eddie Tuttle, the Regional Director, asking if they could help, encourage, SEHEA to assist me.

In the interim Jo and I had a break by way of our first visit to the Hampton Court Flower Show. Unfortunately it rained but was certainly worthwhile going. The show was two big to get around fully in one day and we would certainly go back another year, hopefully next year. We understood it was set up on a rather large area, in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, than the Chelsea Flower Show, so, although there were plenty of people there it was not so crowded as to be oppressive.

I also had some interesting business related conversations with people on Hayling Island, which is suffering from a drop in tourism and I could contribute a great deal to reversing that, if I was allowed to do so. I will post more details of that on my journaling Web Site, which I hope to have set up in the not too distant future.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I finally completed the slightly overdue E-mail to Paul Fisher of Hayling Island Residents Association about the second bridge Proposal for Hayling Island on 15th March 2004. It was rather long but included the history of the Aberfeldy Bridge as well as my 1999 suggestion/proposal for a second bridge, which was conveyed to Havant Borough Council in the Spring of that year.

After I had sent it I wrote to the television research/producer who had asked, through the Exceptional Human Experiences Network if anyone was willing to help by describing their experience.

On the Wednesday it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to send the reply I had from Paul Fisher (a straightforward return of my E-mail to him with his reply at the top) to a few selected Councilors. Although I was not sure how they could stop me being involved with Paul Fisher and the Hayling Island Residents Association, I knew there were people who would want to do so.

At about the same time we also heard from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Benevolent Fund. They still considered us in need of help. The psychological effect of the letter was also very useful. Added to the support of the Chamber of Commerce, my renewed involvement with the Scientific and Medical Network, my coming attendance at conferences (with Lorelei), the opening of a dialogue with a television researcher/producer and the general thrust of recent events, Jo and I were feeling encouraged.

During the following Friday it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to send prints of the E-mail to some of the Councilors, by Post. If I did so by E-mail, it might, on past experience be intercepted and blocked.

There were those Councilors who might do something; clearly others would not; there being no point in sending them to the latter.

While on Hayling Island in the afternoon, I called at newsagents to see if the Hayling Islander was published that week, though thought I was early for the next edition. That turned out to be the case. During a conversation with the lady in the shop I told her why I wanted a copy of the Hayling Islander and that the Island could have had its second bridge four or five years ago, more or less free. There was no reason she should have known about it and clearly she did not. Her surprise that they had been denied the bridge was, therefore, no surprise to me.

The story of Lorelei and I and the huge tourism potential, for Britain and Germany, let alone locally, were an open secret across the South of England, as well as across the Internet; the saga of the bridge far less so. Besides, compared with the hundreds of millions of Pounds being lost by the tourist and related industries, each year, the loss of a multi-million Pound bridge (even though it would have cost the region next to nothing) was extremely small.

Over the passage of two months, from March to May, I heard nothing.

However, there were other positive developments during that period. I rejoined the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN); attended the SMN Mystics and Scientists Conference at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, at the end of March; attended a Conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Esoteric Group at Kings College Hospital London; a Workshop on Synchronicity with Professor Vic Mansfield; a meeting of the Winchester Branch of the Theosophical Society; had a suggestion for a presentation on coping with stress, jointly with fellow Healer Lene Foot, accepted; and other opportunities developing, including presentations on complementary therapies at Colleges and other venues.

In the days before the Synchronicity Workshop, on 24th April 2004 there was a fascinating series of coincidences, no such thing of course, which I shall have to put on one of my Web Sites at some stage.

One of the outcomes of the Mystics and Scientists Conference was meeting up again with Dr Peter Fenwick and his wife Elizabeth; both are researchers, authors, etc., in the esoteric as well as their mainstream careers. Elizabeth was surprised that it was taking me so long (five years and counting) to get passed the present situation and for Lorelei and I to be fully in the public domain. All that time ago she had considered our story very marketable and still did. Since those earlier days, others, including very prominent businessmen had expressed similar opinions, though from a different perspective.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists Esoteric Group conference, “Beyond Death, Does Consciousness Survive” (of course it does; “death” is only a transition) was attended by about three hundred people, roughly a third of them Psychiatrists.

More recently, I have E-mailed Glen Atherfold, of the Small Business Service, to ask for assistance from outside the area in which I live as I am unable to obtain it within my own area. I finalised the E-mail and sent it about midday on Wednesday 12th May, while at home between a couple of appointments. A great deal of the e-mail was about my esoteric side. While I was doing so, I turned on the television, only to find that they had a weekly regression item, past life regression, with therapists Andrea Foulkes. That day they showed a video of a regression session with H of Steps, not a group whose music I know very well, not my era really. The subject matter in each case seemed to tie up quite nicely.

Mr Atherfold was very prompt in his response, with a positive reply arriving on the Friday; he actually took only a day and a half to respond apparently having already discussed possible assistance with others in the interim. Local business support may not be any good but elsewhere it seems to be rather different.

Also, on that Wednesday, I sent a print of the E-mail, as background information, with letters to other authorities. That was something I had been delaying for a long time but circumstances left me no option. Besides, on several occasions, I had been told, esoterically, that was the appropriate action to take.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I began the previous week by endeavouring to complete the E-mail to Paul Fisher, of Hayling Island Residents Association, about the Hayling Island second bridge. As it turned out the delay helped because it gave me time to think more about the ramifications of the situation.

Although it seems there has been a long-standing interest in such a bridge, the level of that interest had only become apparent to me in the last few months, particularly with an article in the “Hayling Islander” newspaper in November 2003. It came up again in the March 2004 edition of the same paper. As a result I ‘phoned Paul Fisher to ask him if he knew that I had proposed such a bridge in the spring of 1999. He had not and that came as no surprise to me whatever.

In 1998 I had almost succeeded in setting up the Technology Diversification Centre but had that taken from me and wrecked. During the process of setting it up I was heavily involved with new materials in civil engineering and knew of a technology demonstrator bridge built with composite materials in Aberfeldy, Scotland. I proposed a next step, next generation, bridge as a second bridge for Hayling Island. Two major International Civil Engineering Groups were interested in pursuing the idea and seeking funds from Europe to build it; I had discussed the matter with very senior people in both Companies. I wrote to Havant Borough Council about the bridge suggestion but they were not interested.

(The story of the Aberfeldy bridge will appear on a page of my business Web Site ( at some stage and possibly on my Journal Web Site, the latter being, at present, a draft Site on my computer; as will the reasons such large Companies were interested in being involved and why it would have benefited the region.)

In summary, the bridge now suggested and wanted could have been built four years ago at a low to zero cost to the region.

This week we received copy of “Serving You” the Havant Borough Council Quarterly Magazine with the Post.

The cast of “Eastenders” had recently been to Hayling Island, which is part of the Borough, to film a few episodes. (For those outside of the UK, who have not heard of it, “Eastenders” is a BBC Soap Opera.) There had been several articles about those events in “The News” (Portsmouth Newspaper) and the “Hayling Islander” in recent weeks. “Serving You” had an article extending over more than half a page.

The “Serving You” article mentioned an “Albert Square” street sign, signed by the cast, which will be put up for auction to benefit the Mayor of Havant’s Charity and that, “It’s also worth noting a vast amount of publicity is generated when Eastenders go on location”.

As Lorelei and I are worth at lest £8 million Pounds a year to the Borough and our story would generate world-wide publicity, it is very odd that the Council does not promote us for the benefit of the Borough. That is quite apart from the hundreds of millions of Pounds each year we are worth to an area across a great swathe of the South of England plus, of course, Germany. (The estimates are based on extensive conversations and consultations with business people of high local and international standing.) it would certainly cost the Borough no more than publicising the Eastender's visits. There has not been the slightest mention of us in "Serving You" or anywhere else.

The article also points out that local shops served the cast and crew.

Obviously, the story of Lorelei and I, the strong connection with the Borough, including Hayling Island, would not only do the same but also for far longer, several years rather than a few weeks.

The same article quoted Andy Jackson, the BBC Location Manager, as estimating that £350,000 had gone back into the Borough as a result of the location filming; something the Council seems pleased with going by the tone of the article.

A few days previously there had been an advertisement in “The News” (Portsmouth) for Economic Development Officer at Havant Borough Council. It extolled the virtues of helping build up the local economy. All very strange when they are ignoring a gift worth millions of Pounds a year.

Early the following week “The News” reported and commented on the millennium tower fiasco. It had cost the City about £8M. little did they know that by certain people blocking the story of Lorelei and I coming out Havant was losing that every year and Portsmouth three times that every year, let alone all of the other areas affected.

I attended a Business Lunch, courtesy of Brittany Ferries on Wednesday 10th March. The invitation was from Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Partnership. The guest speaker was John Bird founder of “The Big Issue”. He turned out to be as knowledgeable and amusing as expected.

Unfortunately, I was not able to arrive at the very beginning due to a morning appointment.

To start with I did not recognise anyone there, then realised that Gwen Andrews, Managing Director of Havant Borough Council, was at the row of tables behind me. From what she had said at a warbling ton and Denvilles Residents Association meting in May 2003, I had thought there would be large changes in the Council. In a way there had been but not the ones necessarily expected. Moreover, considering her experiences with the Australian Government and various other information I found out about her on the Internet I could not see much of a match between what I assumed was a good level of integrity and what I knew of certain matters. It made me wonder if she really had been put fully in the picture.

The lunch was on the MV Normandie and we had to make sure we were off of the ship by 2.30 p.m. as it was leaving for France soon afterwards.

There seemed to be no immediate provision for vegetarians. A vegetarian dish came later, after Mark Baker, of the University of Portsmouth, and I had helped ourselves to some more salad, assuming that nothing else would be forthcoming. It came later. Mark kept with the salad and I soon wished I had. I was unable to eat more than a few mouthfuls as the vegetarian option as the cheese constituent of the dish was too strong.

Anyway, I spoke to a few people as we left, including members of staff of the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Partnership. From what had been said at the lunch it was something worth supporting, which I would be in a far better position to do once past the present block.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

First, an introduction:

I am a Chartered Engineer (Professional Engineer for non-UK readers), which, until 1991, is about all I thought I was. However, as numerous events, detailed in a millions word plus diary, first autobiographical manuscript of 130,000 words, etc., show, there is rather more to me than that, though it has been difficult for me to accept, even though I have actually lived it.

Specifically, I am also a Healer with a degree of general psychic ability. More importantly I have a Soulmate, Lorelei, who is discarnate in this particular lifetime of mine, though we have been together during many physical lives and will be in others to come. However, accepting the intense events of the early 1990s, shared with many other people, my Lorelei is not just anyone by that name but the Lorelei, as in German Legend. More correctly, she was, in one of her physical lifetimes, the person behind the Legend, though the Lorelei I know is far more like the German view of her than that from outside Germany, which is rather different. I was a huntsman, Kurt Langerhan, during that lifetime, as I remember.

I live in Havant, Hampshire, England and it is around the South of England that most of the events took place which brought all of this back. During the early 1990s these were particularly intense with a major event occurring every two three or four weeks, mostly in Havant, Hayling Island, Chichester, Portsmouth and Southsea, though some in London, Essex, Surrey and elsewhere. These are described to some extent on my first Web Site (, though far too much happened to relate them anywhere near in full in a book, or the proposed series of books, let alone a Web Site. I now have a professional Web Site at Both need further development but, as with the draft Sites, that is taking time. However, at least one of them, by its very nature, should be quite larger, at least as far as this Country is concerned.

Of necessity I had to teach myself how to use the Internet and to build Web Sites. The facilities were there, I was directed to them, though I was not allowed to avail myself of them. That remains the same today as it was three or four years ago.

Also of necessity, I am having to go outside my geographical area for assistance to give our story back to the region, it being worth a very great deal in terms of tourism for the region and elsewhere; from Dorset, through Hampshire and Essex in England to he Middle Rhine in Germany.

Hence the reason for this Web Log, which, as with my other Web Sites and the several draft ones on my computer, is a route out past local constrictions when most of the usual ones are closed. As yet, the Internet is a communication system that is not susceptible to strong arm treatment. More about the background is available on my original Web Site at which was on the Web for sixteen months before I took the “negatives” out of the Site; though, having made no progress locally, I republished it at a very slightly different address, just the “.” removed from between my first name and my surname.