Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sylvie and Richard Lucas, Jo, Lorelei, Familiar Spirit Web Site and the Havant Healers’ Group

On Saturday 14th July 2007, Sylvie Lucas came to my house for us to spend a few hours building a Web Site for her and Richard Lucas (, Sylvie’s discarnate husband. The result is the Familiar Spirit Web Site at Sylvie’s own page on the Web Site is

I had cleared enough space in the room where I have my computer for Sylvie to be able to sit beside me as we went through the Web Site building process. Richard Lucas along with Lorelei (, my discarnate Soulmate were content to stand over by the door.

Sylvie had previously E-mailed me the text and some illustrations though, as it transpired, it will be best to double check copyright on some, though clearance ahs been given in principle.

Richard Lucas and Sylvie had a preference for a green background so I had made up a dark green to very light green left to right fade on the GR Sites ( free facility the night before. Through experience I had found that a white background is preferable, otherwise text needs to be large, or bolder, than otherwise. Sylvie could see that when I showed her on my monitor, so I went back to GR Sites and made up a dark green to white fade. Sylvie was happy with that and so was Richard Lucas; Sylvie told me but I had already heard him and turned to him to acknowledge that.

I thought the process might take two to three hours; in the event it was more like six hours. As a result, Sylvie stayed for some light refreshments at lunch time, which we had in the garden with Jo ( We needed the break anyway.

Jo had met Sylvie before but not had time to get to know her very well, so made up for it while we were in the garden, particularly as Jo had recently read Sylvie’s story “I married my spirit lover” in the August Issue of “Take a Break - Fate and Fortune”.

In the afternoon we returned to the computer and finished off the Web Site, the result being basic but that is all that is needed. “Flash” Sites tend to be just that, flash. Many times I have come across Web Sites that seem “too clever by half”, take a long time to load, are confusing, etc., and have given up on them almost immediately, as have many other people I know.

I took a few digital photographs of Sylvie, in our garden, to give her a selection to choose from for her page ( on the Familiar spirit Web Site (

As Sylvie left, we briefly discussed the day and she commented, in reference to Jo, that she could “see the light coming out of her”. The connection between Jo and Lorelei, Soul Sisters (, made abundant sense to Sylvie.

The four of us, Sylvie, Richard Lucas, Lorelei and I met up again on Tuesday 24th July as the local healers’ Group, of which we are members, was due to have a picnic that evening, Napier Hall (, Horndean (;, where it usually met on that evening, being closed for refurbishment. I had not been to the Napier Hall before, only attending the Healers’ Group on the other two Tuesdays of each month (the first and second Tuesday) at The Bear Hotel ( in Havant.

I was the first to arrive, then Sylvie, who told me that the plans had changed and we were going out for a meal instead. Lene, Sheila, Sue, Doreen and Jan arrived soon afterwards and it was decided we would go to the Colonial Bar (formerly the Good Intent) next door to the Hall.

Sheila insisted on buying us all drinks and during the conversations that followed I said something about IPA, which I noticed on the bar. Sheila did not know wheat it was so I explained, India Pale Ale. At that point I thought I heard Richard Lucas say something about IPA not being around in 1840, when he was last incarnate, and mentioned it to Sylvie.

“Oh, no, it was just ordinary beer then,” she confirmed, though I was aware of that anyway.

Then I heard Richard Lucas say, complain, good naturedly, that, on his current level, you good not get drunk, sloshed, as he seemed to put it, on alcohol. Again I mentioned it to Sylvie.

“He’s often complaining about that,” she confirmed, it does not have the same effect over there, “He says you cannot get wet either, not properly. He used to love walking on the downs in the rain.”

Then someone indicated we would be going upstairs, to a table on a raised floor, for our meal. As I glanced up I saw a beam, past the top of the stairs, with “MIND YOUR HEAD” in gold letters.

“Good job I haven’t go my high heels on,” commented Lorelei, which I passed on to Sylvie as I thought that, though Lorelei is tall, she is also discarnate and her head would go through the beam anyway, if she did not duck, uncomfortable but not disastrous. Besides, the beam did not look quite that low.

As when we had built the Web Site, as well as other on occasions, we were in a four way conversation, two incarnate, Sylvie and I, two discarnate (Richard Lucas and Lorelei). I commented to Sylvie that we would probably end up being carted away if the relevant people overheard us.

“More than likely,” said Sylvie, grinning.

As it happens, there are those who have already been putting it about that my “marbles are loose”, for nefarious ends and purposes, as they have for several years and which was confirmed by “The Well-wisher” ( early in 2007. Fortunately, that is contrary to the opinion of all of my colleagues, including Members and Fellows of the Royal College of Psychiatry.

In due course we went up stairs, at which point I realised that the beam was somewhat lower than it had seemed from the ground floor; Lorelei was right. As Lorelei is discarnate, her head would simply have gone through the beam, though that would not necessarily have been particularly comfortable for her.

The rest of the evening proceeded relatively normally, with Richard Lucas and Lorelei remaining, mainly, in the background, recognising that the rest of us have physical lives which we need to live.