Thursday, August 26, 2004

On Monday 9th August I called in at the regional Business Centre in Havant to ask about South East Hampshire Enterprise Agency (SEHEA) Personnel who worked at the Havant branch. In the process I met Jo Horan who made the appointments. She asked if I wanted to arrange to see anyone but I said I needed to write to Glen Atherfold and Eddie Tuttle at the Small Business Service, Guildford, first.

The rest of the week turned out to be quite hectic, plus the weekend traveling to see my wife’s father in Clacton and then traveling back to see my mother in Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Added to that was a message from my brother on my mobile ‘phone on the way to Stoke Mandeville, that made me wonder what was happening but which did not turn out to be quite what I expected. There were a few other complications on the way, plus a stopover at my brother’s house in Chinnor on the way home.

I had to go back to Chinnor on Monday and Stoke Mandeville the following morning, to see Dr Durkin at the Hospital, along with my brother and sister-in-law. For a number of reasons I asked Lorelei and Cathy (my discarnate Soulmate/fellow healer and Guardian Angel, respectively) to accompany me on the journey, which they did, Lorelei in the front of the car and Cathy in the back. (There are more details about Lorelei and Cathy on my Website: A non-Google search for “Richard King, Healer” or “Lorelei, Legend” will also find it.) I arrived back in Havant during Tuesday afternoon and was in plenty of time to attend the Healer’s Group at the Bear Hotel, Havant, in the evening.

On Thursday 12th August I wrote to Lucille Pendry (of Tailor made Services), the new President of Portsmouth and South east Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, offering to contribute more to the Chamber and, therefore, the region. At present, the Chamber is my only local route to making a contribution to the area which I live; not the most encouraging state of affairs for people contemplating developing their business in this part of the South of England.

On Friday 13th August I had experimented with Windseek, a new Search Engine I had heard about through one of the regular Internet related newsletters that brought up this Web Log with the relevant search terms. So, maybe, more people will read this, even in advance of my other Web Sites, with their links, going up.

The weekend of 21st/22nd August, involved me in another journey to Chinnor and Stoke Mandeville. As my brother and his wife were going out on the Saturday afternoon and evening, he was visiting my mother in the morning so I decided to go with him, breaking my journey at Chinnor, rather than a two hundred and fifty mile round trip to Stoke Mandeville on my own. That morning, apart from whatever else I picked up with my non-physical senses I was told something else at the Hospital that I partly understood but was not able to confirm it until back at my brother’s house and able to borrow a dictionary to look up, check, the meanings of essence and quintessence.

There were a few other things I was not sure fitted in terms of what I had sensed physically and non-physically over the previous days and, to some extent, weeks. However, a fairly detailed conversation with my healer colleagues on Tuesday 24th August resolved all of that with ease. In effect, that helped me to resolve the anomalies, which were only apparent anyway, and increased my understanding in the process.

There has been so much going on in the non-physical, as well as the physical, sense lately that it sometimes becomes confusing when I refer to “the Girls” in conversation with my wife, Jo. I often have to qualify whether I am referring to Judy, Lene, Doreen and Sheila (my physical Healer colleagues) or Lorelei and Cathy, who, are, of course, non-physical.

Unfortunately, it was several days before I managed to send an overdue E-mail to Glen Atherfold and Eddie Tuttle of the Small Business Service. I wished to follow up the suggestion of Mark Torokwa, of Hampshire County Council, and obtain assistance from South East Hampshire Enterprise Agency to write a business plan for my esoteric side. That I have now managed to do so, hopefully, there will be some progress on that front.

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