Monday, May 17, 2004

I finally completed the slightly overdue E-mail to Paul Fisher of Hayling Island Residents Association about the second bridge Proposal for Hayling Island on 15th March 2004. It was rather long but included the history of the Aberfeldy Bridge as well as my 1999 suggestion/proposal for a second bridge, which was conveyed to Havant Borough Council in the Spring of that year.

After I had sent it I wrote to the television research/producer who had asked, through the Exceptional Human Experiences Network if anyone was willing to help by describing their experience.

On the Wednesday it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to send the reply I had from Paul Fisher (a straightforward return of my E-mail to him with his reply at the top) to a few selected Councilors. Although I was not sure how they could stop me being involved with Paul Fisher and the Hayling Island Residents Association, I knew there were people who would want to do so.

At about the same time we also heard from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Benevolent Fund. They still considered us in need of help. The psychological effect of the letter was also very useful. Added to the support of the Chamber of Commerce, my renewed involvement with the Scientific and Medical Network, my coming attendance at conferences (with Lorelei), the opening of a dialogue with a television researcher/producer and the general thrust of recent events, Jo and I were feeling encouraged.

During the following Friday it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to send prints of the E-mail to some of the Councilors, by Post. If I did so by E-mail, it might, on past experience be intercepted and blocked.

There were those Councilors who might do something; clearly others would not; there being no point in sending them to the latter.

While on Hayling Island in the afternoon, I called at newsagents to see if the Hayling Islander was published that week, though thought I was early for the next edition. That turned out to be the case. During a conversation with the lady in the shop I told her why I wanted a copy of the Hayling Islander and that the Island could have had its second bridge four or five years ago, more or less free. There was no reason she should have known about it and clearly she did not. Her surprise that they had been denied the bridge was, therefore, no surprise to me.

The story of Lorelei and I and the huge tourism potential, for Britain and Germany, let alone locally, were an open secret across the South of England, as well as across the Internet; the saga of the bridge far less so. Besides, compared with the hundreds of millions of Pounds being lost by the tourist and related industries, each year, the loss of a multi-million Pound bridge (even though it would have cost the region next to nothing) was extremely small.

Over the passage of two months, from March to May, I heard nothing.

However, there were other positive developments during that period. I rejoined the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN); attended the SMN Mystics and Scientists Conference at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, at the end of March; attended a Conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Esoteric Group at Kings College Hospital London; a Workshop on Synchronicity with Professor Vic Mansfield; a meeting of the Winchester Branch of the Theosophical Society; had a suggestion for a presentation on coping with stress, jointly with fellow Healer Lene Foot, accepted; and other opportunities developing, including presentations on complementary therapies at Colleges and other venues.

In the days before the Synchronicity Workshop, on 24th April 2004 there was a fascinating series of coincidences, no such thing of course, which I shall have to put on one of my Web Sites at some stage.

One of the outcomes of the Mystics and Scientists Conference was meeting up again with Dr Peter Fenwick and his wife Elizabeth; both are researchers, authors, etc., in the esoteric as well as their mainstream careers. Elizabeth was surprised that it was taking me so long (five years and counting) to get passed the present situation and for Lorelei and I to be fully in the public domain. All that time ago she had considered our story very marketable and still did. Since those earlier days, others, including very prominent businessmen had expressed similar opinions, though from a different perspective.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists Esoteric Group conference, “Beyond Death, Does Consciousness Survive” (of course it does; “death” is only a transition) was attended by about three hundred people, roughly a third of them Psychiatrists.

More recently, I have E-mailed Glen Atherfold, of the Small Business Service, to ask for assistance from outside the area in which I live as I am unable to obtain it within my own area. I finalised the E-mail and sent it about midday on Wednesday 12th May, while at home between a couple of appointments. A great deal of the e-mail was about my esoteric side. While I was doing so, I turned on the television, only to find that they had a weekly regression item, past life regression, with therapists Andrea Foulkes. That day they showed a video of a regression session with H of Steps, not a group whose music I know very well, not my era really. The subject matter in each case seemed to tie up quite nicely.

Mr Atherfold was very prompt in his response, with a positive reply arriving on the Friday; he actually took only a day and a half to respond apparently having already discussed possible assistance with others in the interim. Local business support may not be any good but elsewhere it seems to be rather different.

Also, on that Wednesday, I sent a print of the E-mail, as background information, with letters to other authorities. That was something I had been delaying for a long time but circumstances left me no option. Besides, on several occasions, I had been told, esoterically, that was the appropriate action to take.