Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yesterday “The News” (Portsmouth) carried an article about Christmas lights being banned in Havant (Hampshire, UK), or, rather, it being decreed that the Christmas Lights will be known as Festival Lights to avoid upsetting no Christians.

Today the story is on page 31 of the “Daily Mail”. Presumably, Andy Dolan, the “Daily Mail” reporter, took the story from “The News”, local to national being a common route.

The culprits were, of course, the Council Officers who are the real power in Havant Council, though they ran for cover when “The News” tried to interview them.

They did not seem to have considered that they might offend Christians as well as non-Christians with their stupidity.

The Council Leader, David Gillett, is reported as begin vociferously against such lunacy, though, Councillors in general have let vastly more serious matters pass, including those beyond the civil context. I have one removed personal experience of Councillors being sent packing” by Council Officers and Agents of the Council.

The general level of incompetence, illustrated by the Christmas Lights fiasco, runs right through the Council, including, especially, relating to business: see my other Web Sites, especially the older ones --- the My Other Web Sites page on any of my Sites will guide you to the others (e.g.

Contrary to the impression given by articles such as that in the “Daily Mail”, Havant and the surrounding area is a very pleasant place to live. Unfortunately it is ruled by a “we know best” Council which is beyond the control of and unresponsive to the Residents.

That apart, I would strongly recommend this part of the Country as a place to live, though not, at present, a place to which to bring a business or attempt to establish one, nor much of Hampshire or the local Business Link region for that matter. Sussex and east, Surrey and north, or west of Dorset is much safer.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

This Web Log is long overdue for updating.

My thoughts were to a large extent elsewhere than Blogs for much of 2004 as my mother was terminally ill in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire, from the end of June until 11th October. From then onwards, apart from sorting out the estate, mostly, almost entirely, done by my brother as he is retired, I have been more concerned with surviving and putting up a larger collection of interconnected Web Sites.

There was a development in June 2005 when I recorded a contribution for a Discovery Channel Programme on predicting the future, with Barbara Ford-Hammond of Alton, Hampshire. Filming was mostly in Blenheim Gardens, Denvilles, Havant with my house becoming a television studio for many hours. More details of that are on my Business Web Site ( under “Press Release” (

Hopefully that will break the logjam I find myself in.

To be heard in Havant, Hampshire, UK, (as well as the County as a whole, to some extent) you have, it would seem, to resort to the Internet and have sufficiently unusual connections to be of interest to an International Television Company.

In order to develop business of immense value to Havant, Hampshire and the South of England generally I am not only having to go out of Hampshire but, in many ways, out of the Country.

Welcome to what passes for democracy and representation in Havant.

You can easily find me by entering “Richard King, Havant”, “Richard King, Engineer”, or “Richard King, Healer”, in an Internet search, especially non-Google for the greatest number of results; as long as you remember my name “Lorelei, Legend” or Loreleis Links” will also do. Thereafter, you can find all my Web Sites from any one of them.

One outcome of those months through the summer of 2004 was a series of pre-death experiences totaling thirty to fifty hours depending on definitions, how they are counted, etc. Some of those are recounted on my Richards Psychic Realm Web Site (, I know of no one who has had that much, though only some of the less demanding ones are recounted on the Web until my family becomes more acclimatized to such matters.