Thursday, March 04, 2004

First, an introduction:

I am a Chartered Engineer (Professional Engineer for non-UK readers), which, until 1991, is about all I thought I was. However, as numerous events, detailed in a millions word plus diary, first autobiographical manuscript of 130,000 words, etc., show, there is rather more to me than that, though it has been difficult for me to accept, even though I have actually lived it.

Specifically, I am also a Healer with a degree of general psychic ability. More importantly I have a Soulmate, Lorelei, who is discarnate in this particular lifetime of mine, though we have been together during many physical lives and will be in others to come. However, accepting the intense events of the early 1990s, shared with many other people, my Lorelei is not just anyone by that name but the Lorelei, as in German Legend. More correctly, she was, in one of her physical lifetimes, the person behind the Legend, though the Lorelei I know is far more like the German view of her than that from outside Germany, which is rather different. I was a huntsman, Kurt Langerhan, during that lifetime, as I remember.

I live in Havant, Hampshire, England and it is around the South of England that most of the events took place which brought all of this back. During the early 1990s these were particularly intense with a major event occurring every two three or four weeks, mostly in Havant, Hayling Island, Chichester, Portsmouth and Southsea, though some in London, Essex, Surrey and elsewhere. These are described to some extent on my first Web Site (, though far too much happened to relate them anywhere near in full in a book, or the proposed series of books, let alone a Web Site. I now have a professional Web Site at Both need further development but, as with the draft Sites, that is taking time. However, at least one of them, by its very nature, should be quite larger, at least as far as this Country is concerned.

Of necessity I had to teach myself how to use the Internet and to build Web Sites. The facilities were there, I was directed to them, though I was not allowed to avail myself of them. That remains the same today as it was three or four years ago.

Also of necessity, I am having to go outside my geographical area for assistance to give our story back to the region, it being worth a very great deal in terms of tourism for the region and elsewhere; from Dorset, through Hampshire and Essex in England to he Middle Rhine in Germany.

Hence the reason for this Web Log, which, as with my other Web Sites and the several draft ones on my computer, is a route out past local constrictions when most of the usual ones are closed. As yet, the Internet is a communication system that is not susceptible to strong arm treatment. More about the background is available on my original Web Site at which was on the Web for sixteen months before I took the “negatives” out of the Site; though, having made no progress locally, I republished it at a very slightly different address, just the “.” removed from between my first name and my surname.

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